Where are your things being made and who makes them?

I design and sew at this point everything you see on my site.    I sew every suit, bag, hat, piece of clothing, you name it by hand in a sewing/playroom in my home in Norwalk, Connecticut. 

How long will it take to get my item?

It all depends.  My daughters are two and 4 going on five and are my sample models for most of the things I sew, which means forthe most part if you're ordering a 2-3T or a 4-5T its possible it's in stock.  Because it's just little old me sewing and caring for two kids, inventory is low so your item will be made just for you.  Pretty sweet, right?  At the moment it takes up to 1 week to order the custom fabric for suits if it's not in stock and another 2-4 days to sew and ship, so you should have your purchase within 2 weeks of placing your order. I ship as quickly as possible, it just depends on how many orders there are at the time.

Feel free to send an email and check on the availability of an item.

If your ordering Fabric can I pick out my own?

Yes!  This is where it gets really CUSTOM.  I order all my prints on www.spoonflower.com which is why your kids will have the most unique suit on the beach.  If you'd like to go to spoonflower and pick out your own fabric let me know.  I will order what you want and use that fabric to create a custom suit for your little one.

Help! I don't know what size or shape to order.

It's easy, you got a measuring tape?  I certainly understand that all kids are not created equal and we all have different body types.  My girls are long and thin and wear a smaller size in terms of their actual measurements but need a little more length because they're tall. If you can give me a Chest, Waist, and Hip measurement I can get you the right size.  If ordering a one piece a torso measurement is helpful too!

What's the best way to care for my swimsuit?

Wash separately in cool or warm water on a gentle/delicate cycle. Machine dry on a low temperature setting or line dry. If required, iron with the printed side down for best results. Spoonflower recommends washing before use with phosphate free detergent.

Can you make me... ?

You want something you don't see? An adult swimsuit to match your daughters?  Looking for something custom for a friend for a baby shower gift?  I love to sew and am happy to do a custom order for pretty much anything.  If you have questions or ideas see the question below for how to contact me directly.

I want to know something else that's not covered here.

We love this stuff, we love to talk about it.  Ask away - gone2quonnie@gmail.com. 

What are you doing right now?

Probably sewing or cleaning up after my girls.    Or maybe designing new products.  Sign up for our email list below to get the info on any new designs coming out and the occasional sale.  We promise not to flood your inbox.  Or even better follow us on Instagram where we post new things daily.