Meet Heather

Hi!  I'm Heather...that's me and my cutie Josh.  See how that picture is a little blurry, that's on purpose!  I have two little girls who are constantly giving me a run for my money.  I live in a mid century modern house that's under constant renovation (by me and my hubby) so I basically don't have the time to do anything.  I love to cook, and lately I've really been in to TIKI cocktails, which are so fun to make. 

I've spent the better part of my life pretty sure that if someone else can do it, cook something, build something, sew something... then so can I. This extends to laying concrete and building patios! I honestly don't know where it comes from, but it's the way I am.  Maybe it has something to do with being a middle child? We're always trying to prove something!  

Thanks for visiting QUONNIE KIDS and please come back soon!


When I think about summer, I think about the beach. It's honestly my happy place.  When I sit on the sand listening to the sound of the waves and constant hum of the wind as it blows across the water, I'm like a child being put to sleep by the sound of a mothers beating heart.  All is right in the world.  

Visits to Quonnie help recharge the mind and soul. When I see the mix of and old summer cottages, beautiful new homes, and landscapes littered with flowing grasses and decorated with driftwood,  I can’t help but be inspired.  

So for one or two of you, you may remember I tried to do a blog last year.  Around this same time I had recently given birth to my second daughter and had headed back to work and wanted to do something different.  I set up a this website, and set off to inspire.  Ha!  Epic fail!

Between the two kids and the full time job and life, I just didn't have it in me.  I was living a blog worthy life, but I just didn't have what it took to share it with all of you.  It's one thing to cook a killer meal. Then try photographing it, uploading it, writing about it, and sharing it.  I honestly couldn't do it.  So Gone 2 Quonnie sat untouched.  

the Reboot

Not sure how many of you make it to about part of Quonnie Kids. It's hard to believe that I'm going on year three of this endeavor. Quonnie Kids is a reimagining of what was originally a blog called Gone 2 Quonnie. I had started G2Q as a blog and pretty much stopped where I started. Shortly after my husband almost job was eliminated, and I found myself with a bit more time on my hands. Ultimately this let to me getting back to something I had done on and off most of my life but never with any consistency, SEWING.

GONE 2 QUONNIE started with inspiration from a place I would visit every year during the summer, Quonochontaug, RI. I think originally I wanted to make cute beach bags and with my sewing skills intermediate at best, bags seemed like a good place to start. As. my sewing began to progress and I started selling my bags I felt the inspiration wane. I found myself wanting to do something different but what? At about that time I found myself exploring the internet, learning new sewing techniques on Youtube, and being inspired by my niece and sister who started making swimsuits to sell on the south Florida beaches. Not really knowing everything it entailed but taking a leap, I made my 4 year old a bathing suit. I had recently discovered Spoonflower, this amazing marketplace of designs that could be transferred to all kinds of material and bought some adorable fabric and sewed up a suit. It wasn't great. I struggled with attaching the ties and the finish sewing but from far away it didn't look half bad. After one, there was really a little bit of an obsession to figure it out, to get better. And I did. This was it, I had found my new thing, children's swimwear. The more time I spent on the beach I realized there really was a need for it. There were kids everywhere with swimsuits that didn't fit. Too big to small, baggy bottom, you name it.

Last year I changed Gone 2 Quonnie to Quonnie Kids Swimwear and Apparel. The majority of my sewing is my swimwear. I don't have a store and I don't sell wholesale because I really wouldn't make any money if I did so I spend most of my time at craft fairs and markets in CT and sometimes RI selling my swimwear. I have this online store which doesn’t get much action and I’m on Etsy which does better but has allowed me to be a target for Chinese IP theft. I make most of my own swim patterns as well as started doing my own surface design, so when you buy a Quonnie Kids suit it really is my creation from start to finish. Thank you all who support my business and I appreciate you reading a little about the Quonnie Kids journey.

Thank you and #livequonnie